Recreational ​​Students​

Developing a young dancer's technical foundation is so important. At ZGDC we believe it is our job to make sure that they are taught proper technique from the beginning, as this fully prepares them for their future in dance.
All dancers dance for different reasons. We believe that what separates a "recreational" dancer from a "competitive" dancer is that recreational dancers do not take part in competitions.

End of the year Show! 

All recreational dancers will perform in our year-end recital every spring. This is an amazing experience for our dancers to showcase what they have learned all season long on a stage! 

Recital Date 2019 - TBA

Dress Code 

Black Bodysuit, tan tights or black sports bra, black high waisted leggings or shorts

Jazz - Black Jazz Shoes 
Tap - Black Tap shoes
Acro - Bare Feet 
Ballet - Pink ballet shoes, black bodysuit, and pink tights

Pulled back and out of the dancer's face. 

Dance Combo classes
Black bodysuit, tan tights, pink ballet shoes


Payment Methods

Payment to be made via cheque, cash, debit/credit or e-transfer ([email protected])
All Cheques Payable to Zero Gravity Dance Company.

There will be no refunds. In the case of severe weather conditions that cause classes to be canceled, missed classes 
will be added in the last week of April at the discretion of the director. 

Please email the studio for further inquiries. 

Email us!

Session 1
September 29-Dec 19, 2018

Session 2
January 7-May 3, 2019 

Session 3
May 13-June 30, 2019